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img_7090.jpgStudents who wish to participate in this program should review the program description and requirements, and discuss the logistical arrangements with family, colleagues, and advisors.

– Applications and a non-refundable deposit of $500. are due to the Spiegel Center by February 17, 2015.

A supplemental application is due online by 5 PM Monday February 16, 2015. Access it online here.

–  Student Fees: $3,205 (for courses and all in-Brazil expenses) plus international airfare and Brazilian visa

Students are responsible for making their own airfare arrangements to and from Brazil. Payment in full will be required by March 17th. At that time, we will also release specific instructions and a suggested itinerary for the U.S.-to-Brazil travel arrangements, which are the student’s responsibility to book. Estimated cost of roundtrip flights between the U.S. Northeast and Brazil is $1,500.

A valid U.S. passport and Brazilian tourist visa are required for this program.  You must obtain your passport on your own, and be able to give it to the program directors at some point in mid-February (date TBD) so that they can obtain the appropriate visa on your behalf.  There will be a $160 fee associated with the visa.

– Concerns about health and safety are understandable, and the program directors have worked diligently to secure an on-site medical staff that will be available 24/7 while we are in Brazil.  All students must complete the “Hold Harmless/Waiver of Liability” form, which requires them to also provide proof of insurance. No specific immunizations or medications are required for traveling to the two different regions of Brazil where the program is based.  Students and families should consult with their own physicians (and the program directors) about preparations. Students who do not have personal health insurance will be required to secure RWU insurance prior to travel.

– As this is an academic program, students will be bound by the same expectations of conduct and behavior that exist on the RWU campus in Bristol.  More information about accommodations, specific activities, and group expectations will be made available in pre-trip meetings in the Spring semester, which are a mandatory requirement for successful completion of this program.


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